Why? And What?

It’s almost 12 hrs after the entire internet / TV spoke/emailed/FBed/tweeted about Sachin creating history. Let the record speaks for itself – more than 20yrs in crease, closing in on century of centuries, etc, etc…This is not about that…

After all these records and the benefits that it brings along with it, Sachin now is one of the highest tax payers of the country…Has enough money for generations to come, can afford a lifestyle that anybody would aspire for, access to all the gadgets in the world (a Ferrari 10 years back!!!)…Talk about respect / fame / influence – the whole nation worships him… Simply put, he would have got almost everything that one can get in this world (at least the materialistic ones). Still he comes to the crease for every other match and takes each match seriously… Still keeps himself fit and enjoys playing for the country.

He is such a nightmare to all the bowlers despite the fact that a whole new generation of bowlers have come. The whole game has changed so much – it is so aggressive now, the schedules drain you out, the fitness requirements are more demanding, etc… Yuvraj or Dhoni do not look as fit as him…And many of the team members today and the aspiring cricketers have many things as motive beyond just playing cricket – money, fame, lifestyle, etc…But he is somebody who is still playing for couple of important reasons – the passion for the game and the opportunity to represent the country.

If you are to apply this to another field or a job, what would one typically do after he/she gets so much? They would definitely like to retire and take things easy. I know some of my friends who are ready to retire now (at 28yrs!!!)

It is not just Sachin for that matter. Why would Steve Jobs still come to office? Why would Ratan Tata work so hard for Nano – he has got billions by just inheritance. Why would still Maniratnam make movies and why would kamal still act?

Just one reason – passion and enjoying what you do.

It is so important that you should do what you like or what you enjoy the most. If you do not know what that is – make an effort to find it at least.

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