SPB | The Laughs

For all of my previous posts, I was able to start writing in the get go. But somehow I have been sitting on this post for more than two days without even writing a single word. I kept thinking “How do I start this post?”, “Where does one start when they have to write about SPB?”.

And I was wondering why it is so difficult. Why don’t I just start writing what I feel?

Only then I realized SPB was that. He is a feeling. He is an emotion. While we can express most of our feelings in words, some feelings cannot be described in words. And SPB is that. And that’s why millions of people just mourn this loss within themselves; in silence.

In part, the reason why SPB is an emotion to us is because he emoted so well in his songs. He would sing “Adae nanba unnai velvaen” in Vetri Nitchayam with so much power that we felt Annamalai’s pain within ourselves. And when he sings “Kannirendil naan dhaan Kaadhalenum Kottai, Katti vaithu paarthaen athanaiyum ottai” in “Unna Nenachae” (Aboorva Sagotharargal), we cried along with Appu (for his and our love failures!).

While Kamal Haasan emoted so well on screen, I would argue that SPB was emoting equally through his songs – just that the medium is different.

Any careful listener of SPB’s songs would appreciate the variety of emotions that he brings to his songs. And he would do those so effortlessly without messing up with the ragam, the words and its meanings.

But I was surprised at the variety that he brings to just one emotion – laughter. Instead of me trying to describe it in words, it’s best you listen and understand what I mean. Here’s a small compilation of the different types of “laughs” that SPB has performed in his songs. In some cases, you may miss it if you aren’t listening careful enough – so I have called out right at the moment he emotes. And you will also see (or rather listen :)) SPB performing 5 different variety of laughs in a single song.

Without any further due, here you go. I would recommend you use a headphones. Otherwise you may miss those magical touches.

And that’s why SPB is an emotion to us!!! I somehow don’t feel that SPB has passed away. For, an emotion dies only when the person who feels it dies. So, until I die, you will always live within me sir!

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