…from Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya. Another awesome melody from ARR. And probably the only song that I know till date which has piano running through the entire song. Guess its Stephen Devassy at work. The song starts with lots of piano and as Shreya Goshal picks up stunningly it would appear as if the piano stops. But if you happen to listen using headphones and give closer attention to center-right of your head, the piano portion stay almost for the entire length of the song.

And I don’t know how Shreya is able to render this song such flawlessly. I used to remember when she started singing in Tamil she used to miss a lot of “zha”. But that is probably because of Yuvan since he himself doesn’t pronounce “zha” properly. Since then, Shreya has improved a lot and I am really wondering how she is able to change her pitch / tone according to the lyrics and sing this one so beautifully. I am even more wondering how ARR would have explained all these to her and got the job done.

Needless to mention about ARR’s portion of the song. He almost picks up fast numbers or high pitched songs when it comes to singing by himself. When it comes to melody where most of the songs are sung at lower pitch, ARR does it at slightly elevated pitch – examples include Dil Se Re, New york Nagaram and this one. And when he gives a fresh tone for the “Anbirkum Undo” thirukkural, it creates such an impact on you. And guess that “Anbirkum Undo” and other thirukkural portions are probably samples of the “Thirukkural” album project that he and Blaaze are working on.

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