One of the best heard BGMs…

Everyone would have heard “The Good, the bad and the ugly” theme music and I am no exception. But I never got a chance to see the movie until recently. No doubt the movie was pretty good. Every one played their part to the best and I liked Tuco’s character the most. And yeah Clint Eastwood was the man of full style, I could make out where Rajnikanth derived all his style elements from 🙂

Of all the things in the movie, what impressed me the most is the music. Most part of the movie has lots of silence in the scenes and it is the BGM (Background music) that fills them and adds to the mood. For example, towards the end of the movie, this Tuco reaches a massive graveyard and starts searching. This scene is actually pretty long and runs for about 3 – 4 mins…

Just put on a good ear/headphones and watch this video. The way the music progresses from slow to a fast one clearly would bring out what’s going on the actor’s head. Now that’s exactly what I am talking about and this happens throughout the movie. And I liked it the most at 0.26 of this video where the piano, trumphet (?) and a chime like music comes together. I would just hear to it repeatedly…

That was just a sample. There are many such scenes in the movie where the music definitely impresses. And I think this movie as such is a perfect example for all the best things coming together. Like the acting by the three lead characters, the camera, the narration, the music and editing, etc…I believe everyone who was involved in this film making would have put in their best to give this wonderful product.

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