At last some action…

…yes, after some dry months of Hollywood not releasing any decent action flick, looks like the coming months would see some real action movies coming in. Starts with X Men Wolverine, followed by Angels and Daemons which I heard is better than Da Vinci, we have “Terminator: Salvation” and “Transformers: Revenge of the fallen” quickly following. I am big fan of action / Sci-fi flicks (no surprises) and I have seen Terminator 2 countless number of times. Though Terminator 3 was very disappointing, reviews say that Salvation is better than Terminator 3 but not up to the mark set by Terminator 2. I think James Cameroon needs to come in and give something better than T II. The trailer of Salvation looks impressive

Watch the video at 0:47 for a bike sequence and the famous T II BGM at 2:18. This BGM was missing in T III but now looks like its back in Salvation. Its getting released on May 21 in the US. But looks like Indian release would be little late. Hope to catch up the action soon in RDX at Satyam Cinemas 🙂

And the next one is Transformers 2. I loved the first part for the amazing visual effects and the awesome sound effects. In fact its the sound effects that impressed me a lot and I had seen the movie couple of times at the theatre itself for that. So I am expecting the sequel to be equally good. But the trailer ( gives me a feeling that they have gone little bit higher on the visual effects. I mean, it gives an impression that the bots are everywhere on the screen. The first part, though had the bots in action, had the human touch too. Anyways, its another RDX one at Satyam 🙂

I guess before these, I would be watching X-Men Wolverine and “Angels and Demons”. Would be waiting for one of my friends to come back from the US. He too is a major movie freak. I hope these movies forget me the haunting days of watching Tamil movies at theatre.

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