…is the first “Gana” attempt of Harris Jayaraj. And I would say he has done it pretty well. It is certainly not the typical Deva “Gana” type song. It’s kind of a blend between “Gana” and “Venmathiyae” (Minnalae) type Harris song. What I liked the most is the way Karthik has sung this song. Out of all the songs that Karthik has sung, I would rate him well for “Kadhal Sonna Ganamae” from “Boys” and “Aval Ulaga Azhagiyae” from “Lesa Lesa” and of course “Oliyilae” from “Azhagi”. But this one stands equally against those songs for the way he has sung a “Gana” song. Especially in the second stanza when the lyrics goes like

“Velicham thandhava oruthi
Avala iruttula neruthi
Jora payanatha kelappi
Thaniya engae ponalo…
Thaniya engae ponalo… “

Creates a great impact on you especially with the kind of words the poet has penned. Why I like Karthik in “Kadhal sonna ganamae” and “Aval ulaga azhagiyae” is that he clearly gives life to the words in those songs. If you listen to them in headphones in a quiet dark room, you would definitely have a smile on your face. He clearly lifts your mood off and shows how a person feels in love. You just gotta listen to

“Avalathu azhagellam ezhudhida oru baashai illayae
Avalai naan adainthadhum uyirin mael oru aasai illayae”

in the second stanza of “Aval Ulaga Azhagiyae”.

This “Anjala” is on same lines clearly expresses how a guy feels when his girl has left him. I could already visualize Surya with the “one line moustache” and curly hair singing in roads in a lungi and yellow banian after his girl died/left him.

Gautham somehow manages to get awesome songs from Harris. Though “Mundhinam” (Another great work by Naresh Iyer), “Oh Shanthi” and “Adiyae Kolludhae” (Shruti Haasan’s western voice, oh man!!!) equally impresses anyone, Anjala steals the show for me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Anjala…

  1. Though the movie has a blend of different kinda music.. I like nenjukkul peidhidhum and mundhinam parthaen.. especially in nenjukkul peidhidhum song watched the second stanza… awesome… i don’t think harris has used shruthi hasan properly..


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