God’s own country…

Been little busy since I shifted my company and now that I have got settled in the new company thought I should at least finish off this trip log. So here it goes…

After asking couple of people on what is the nearest place in Kerala from Vaalparai we came to know that Chalakudy makes a lot of sense as it was close to places that we wanted to visit. Next day we took the 7 O clock bus from Vaalparai and this bus too broke after 20 minutes or so. We spent quite some time at the outskirts of Vaalparai as the bus was getting fixed and there was a small family with a newly married couple, the girl’s sister probably and few more people in the bus. They were having the time of their life with too much shouting and all…We also had good time checking out the girl’s sister… 🙂 The journey to Chalakudy was really tiresome as it goes through bad terrains…On the way the driver stopped for breakfast at one of his regular places and we got some kappa or something to eat…We cud eat anything for the hunger we had…And all of a sudden we heard two continuous horn from the driver and off he started pumping his accelerator…And we hadn’t even finished off our tea…We had to literally run and get in to the moving bus and the driver and conductor didn’t even bother to check if every one got inside…It was like if you are lucky you would reach Chalakudy… 🙂

But the driver did really good job in driving through those narrow and bad roads…The roads were better once we reached Adhirampalli as the tourism department had laid proper roads to attract tourists…Lot of people got down at Adhirampalli (the famous Punnagai Mannan falls), we just marked the place as we had planned to come there next day. By the time we reached Chalakudy it was around 12 O clock and we were damn tired…Once we got down from the bus we were approached by an auto wala and he promised us to take to a good lodge. We were skeptical initially since we thought probably he was trying to cheat us. But we decided to take a chance and he got us a decent enough lodge close to the bus stand itself..As per our plan we were supposed to visit some place on the same day but we were so tired and decided to stay at Chalakudy itself. We had informed the autowala that we need to go to Adhirampalli next day and he said he can take us in his auto itself…Generally every one takes a cab or something but we thought this could be a different experience and asked him to come to the lodge at 7 AM next day. We took some typical Kerala style lunch with those fatty rice, came back to lodge and were off to sleep till 5 O clock…

We got freshened up and checked out Chalakudy in the evening…We basically thought could go to some movie and spend the evening but no Tamil/English/Hindi movies…So we asked couple of local guys and we were directed to some holy world nearby…That’s actually a church which has built the entire Jerusalem as models and had showcased the entire life history of Jesus…They had done it really good…We came back, had some food and went early to sleep…We would have hardly some 8-9hrs time and start our journey of 100KMs or so in an auto… 🙂

3 thoughts on “God’s own country…

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