That’s Azhagiya Tamizh Magan, the Vijay flicker getting released for this Diwali. The songs were out last week and the music is by ARR. On the first hearing I liked couple of songs. There is this “Marlyn Monroe Cloning-a” which is a good peppy number and its sung really well. I think the voice is a new one and it sounds nice. I am addicted to the way ARR uses bass guitar in his songs and this one too got added in my fav list. When the first stanza of this song starts, the lyrics goes like “Kadarkaraiyil beach house irukku…”. The way it was sung is too good; the singer breaks the word and gives a soft touch.

The next song is a remix of “Pon Magal Vandhaal…”. It’s a remix season and “Vasandha mullai” was a great hit in Pokkiri. So probably going by the trend Vijay wanted a remix in this one too. And ARR does it neat. The beat is good and the song has a rap part too. Actually you get to here only few lines of the original song and a whole lot of rap included in it and the entire song is just about three and a half minutes. I don’t know if ARR’s new interest is in rap. He has used a new rapper, not Blaaze this time.

There is a song sung by ARR himself and my guess is it would be the opening song for Vijay. It goes like “Ella pugazhum oruvan oruvanukkae…”. It starts with a heavy guitar tone on similar lines with Bryan Adam’s Summer of ’69 but a different variant. When I heard that guitar part I could map it to Summer of 69 immediately. But then ARR uses that throughout the song. Although I liked the initial part of the song, I quite didn’t like the finish. It was like a typical ARR style, where suddenly the pitch of the song comes down and then ARR would sing in top of his voice. In my opinion, ARR is very stereotype on this format and probably is obsessed with it.

These are the three numbers I liked immediately. And since its ARR, one would have to listen to other songs couple of more times to start liking and appreciate it. So let me listen to them more and I am eager to see how these three songs are shot in the movie; especially the Marlyn Monroe song.

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