National portal

Recently I came across this website: This is the official Indian government website and to my surprise it has a lot of information about our country. When there is no belief in governance in our country with corrupt politicians and ineffective bureaucrats, this website stands different. The various sections in the website has information about the most common things anyone would like to know about our country.

Information includes various sectors in our country, policies, the constitution, how to file tax (updated to the current revised tax laws), how to apply passport, driving licenses, a webcast section where even the latest budgets is shown as streaming video, local weather (temperature available in celsius and fahrenheit:) ), latest press releases and the list goes on…

Actually this site should have been the one stop for any information pertaining to India but I am sure many prefers Google…:) Content wise the site is pretty neat and organized well and it definitely meets a typical website standards and user experience. What I really appreciate is the effort that has been put in. In a country where we don’t expect things to be in place when it comes to interacting with government, this website stands apart. I guess the website is designed and maintained by National Informatics Centre and they have done a pretty good job. There is even a e-greetings section… 🙂

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