When things go wrong…

…they go wrong left, right and center. After I was sick for about 5 days, it was just two more days (the weekend) for me to head back to the place I hate the most. Yes you heard it, its my aapeece…So I planned to go for one S.Ve.Shekar drama so that I have some jokes to remember to pass at least one week at office. The drama was on Sunday evening at 7 and me and my friend, just two of us were planning to watch it. So after a strong after noon nap, I decided to go to my friends place at around 5 in the evening, probably do a little bit shopping and then go to the drama.

I reached my friends place at 4.45 and then we drove to the infamous renganathan street area thorugh couple of one ways(hehe). One good one way is where things started to take shape(!). There was a different movement in the vehicle. I was telling my friend “machi aadadha da, road vera galeej-a irukku”. He refused any acts of dancing in the vehicle. So we just stopped the vehicle and had a look at the back tyre. Yes, back tyre punctured. Without further thought we started to push the vehicle. And we were in middle of the shopping area, t.nagar on a sunday evening and it is difficult to find a mechanic. Few more steps and it occured to us that the tube would get punctured more if we keep going like this. So we stopped the vehicle and got in to the arduous task of “aaniya pudungaradhu”. Five minutes with the help of the kit in my vechile and some dirty looks of passer bys we got hold of the root cause of the entire mission. Yes, instantly we became the proud owner of “aani”.

Now what? Nothing, keep pushing the vehicle and ask couple of auto wallas about near by mechanic shops. One says go straight and take left, next one says left wouldnt be open take right. “Dei, naanga enna jolly ride-a poittu irukkom? ooru suthi paarkaradhukku?”. “Okka makka, we have to push some 135Kgs + some 160Kgs”.(technical details: 135Kgs is the dead weight of the bike. 160 Kgs is the combined weight of the duo.) Now two more technocrats join the journey. Both of them say that the mouth of the tube would get damaged if u continue to the shop like this. We were (are!) engineers and we dont listen to such comments. So we kept on going till we got tired and couldnt find any more mechanic shop. So we quietly parked the vehicle and started walking towards T.Nagar bustand and found one shop.

Just when that guy agreed to come with us, he spotted an auto on the way and convinced the auto guy and us to use the auto to go to the site! Since we were tired we agreed to the idea. We reached the spot where the bike is parked and he takes the back wheel out. Back in auto we headed back to the shop so that he can fix the tube. He takes the tube out of the tyre and shows me a damaged mouth!!! Mouth poidum nnu vaai vecha maga janangalae…unga vaayila theeya vekka….but polambi enna panradhu….? The mechanic says replacing the tube is the only option. The vehicle is just 3 months old and when I purchased it, the showroom guy said the tube is called tuff-up tube wherein it has got a solution inside such that whenever tube gets punctured the solution would come out and close the damaged area so that further damage doesnt happen. But adhukkana arigurigalae kaanum…Mechanic just kaari thuppied when I mentioned it. He said its just a marketing idea and how can a liquid be present inside and all those…

By the time when we came back to our spot and got the vehicle ready after paying some 350Rs for the tube + labor + auto it was 7.30 and happily we missed the drama. Since I have come to T.Nagar I thought I would at least shop for something. Another hour spent and we went back to the friend’s place calling it the day and were just chatting. I was just playing (Seriously…I was just adjusting it for the right position) with the helmet lock in my vehicle and 30 seconds it came in my hand. Yeah it broke. Okay great, start the vehicle and head to the helmet shop in mount road. 10 mins of riding the bike at 80KMPH I reached the place and was happy to see the shop open. When enquired the shop owner said billing counter is closed and asked us to come the next day. Go to next shop to find that he has a helmet lock for the newer version of my bike. All right take a U-turn and head back to friends place to drop him and without any further delay (which would increase the chances of other parts of my bike breaking) I just started to my home.

Just when I was about to park my vehicle I noticed that there was another vehicle (Splendor) kept on the way. When I somehow managed to sqeeze in, my rear tyre just touched the other vehicle and it started making some sounds. I just ignored and parked my vehicle and went to close the gate when I happen to touch the vehicle. Thats it, it started making louder sounds and I could sense some people looking out of their windows. In a normal situation I would have got a lot embarrased but now I was too tired for those. “Ada pongada” nnu I just climbed up and called it for the day. I mean ate nicely and slept off…

Oru drama paakaradhukku aasai pattadhu ivvalavu periya thappa…? Illa one way la varravangala pudikkaradhukku time illama namma city police dhaan indha madhiri oru aani sprinkling strategy la erangittangala…?

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