Killing time cost effectively…

1. Go and drop off your vehicle at a friend’s place in T.Nagar
2. Start walking towards the Mambalam railway station (through some crowded Ranganathan streets)
3. If you are a person who always has that extra space in your stomach to send something inside, you can send in some dosas and coffee on the way (20 mins killed and probably couple of minutes of your life too)
4. Reach Mambalam station and get a ticket to Park Station – this would cover almost half of the EMU (local train) route
5. Skip one train and catch the next one (20 extra mins killed)
6. Meanwhile you can check your weight in the weighing machine. Quietly ignore the number being shown on the card and start reading the “well-wishing” message on the back of the card
7. Get in to the train
8. On the way discuss on what’s to be done after reaching Park Station
9. Come up with the wonderful plan of getting MRTS ticket for Park to Velachery (That’s the complete route of MRTS)
10. Reach Park Station – by this time you would have killed another 20 – 25 mins
11. Try to figure out where this MRTS station in Park Town is – get info from nearby shops
12. Reach Park Town Station and get a ticket to Velachery
13. Wonderfully kill another 45 mins – the train goes through the heart of the city – Mylapore, City Centre, Mount Road (near the new Secretariat building), etc
14. Get down at Velachery and walk slowly towards the bus stop – on the way you may grab couple of Mirinda bottles
15. Reach the bus stop and leave couple of buses – reasons may vary from “too much crowd”, “don’t like the yellow color painting” to anything under the roof
16. Catch a bus to T.Nagar
17. In another 40 minutes types you would have reached T.Nagar back

Total distance covered – 40+ KMS
Total cost – 16 Rupees
Cost per KM – less than 50 paise

You can easily kill 3hours and if you get more creative can spend half a day like this. You can reach Central station and go till Ambattur side or may be Chengalpet. And once you reach there or on the way you can think of connecting routes and the next plan.

You end up with a happy feeling of going around the city and the best part of “no-dent-in-your-pocket”

3 thoughts on “Killing time cost effectively…

  1. Now I have killed 5 mins reading this post and wondering what you did in the scorching heat in Chennai. I killed another 2 mins commenting ur post.

    If you can find routes like this I can guarantee you that there will be two options in the end.
    1) you can become a guide
    2) you could end up killing yourself.


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